Täisautomaatne 10 pead kosmeetiline kreemimoosi täitmise masin

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Täisautomaatne 10 pead kosmeetiline kreemimoosi täitmise masin

Product Name: Full Automatic 10 Heads Cosmetic Cream Jam Filling Machine


The series injection type/normal pressure gravity type dual-use filling machine is a high-tech product researched and developed by our company.It is suitable for products of various viscosity such as water injection, semi-fluid and ointment etc. It is widely applied for filling of products in such industries as food, cosmetics, medicine, grease, daily chemical industry, detergent, pesticide and chemical industry etc. By adopting straight line filling mode, it can be used to fill solutions of different types without the need of adding any spare parts.

1-The Detergent Filling Machine can fill all detergent products,like shampoo,wash liquid ,hand wash soap ,wash dishes liquid etc.

2-The detergent Filling Machine is full automatic (We also have semi-automatic type)

3-The Filling nozzles as requested

4-Warranty:one year

5-We can offer complete line


1.The series machine is compact and reasonable in design and beautiful and decent in appearance.

2.It is made of electrical components of internationally famous brands. The main actuating cylinder adopts Germany FESTO dual actuating cylinder and magnetic switch. Japan Mitsubishi PLC computer, Omron phototube and touch screen made in Taiwan, all of which have guaranteed the excellent quality and consistently stable performance of the machine.

3.The machine can be maintained conveniently. It can be easily assembled, disassembled and cleaned without any tools. The adjustment is convenient. For the measurement adjustment, firstly adjust at large scale to be close to the measurement and then carry out fine adjustment. It can be realized that no filling in case of no bottle or insufficient bottle and accurate measurement.

4.The filling system of the machine adopts ferrule type rapid installation sanitary connector. The whole cylinder can be easily assembled, disassembled and cleaned from top to bottom without any tools. The structure is simple in design and convenient in operation and maintenance.

Tehniline parameeter

Täitmise otsik10
Täitmise kiirus80-100b/min
Täitmise täpsus±1 %
Working pressure5-7kg/m2
Õhuallikas0,4–0,8 MPa

Materiaalne teave

80% meie toodete peamistest osadest pakuvad maailmakuulsad tarnijad.

Equipent omadused

- Pneumatic control or Electric control

- lai sobivus

- suur täitmise täpsus

- tööjõu kokkuhoid

- lihtne kasutada ja hooldada


1. 30% sissemakse enne tootmist ja saldo enne saatmist

2. For established customers, we will offer more favorable payment terms

3. We can offer different pricing of FOB, CIF and C&F.

4. L/C is acceptable.

*Quality Control

1. IQC (saabuv kvaliteedikontroll)

2. IPQC (protsessisisene kvaliteedikontroll)

3. OQC (välimine kvaliteedikontroll)

4. FQC (lõplik kvaliteedikontroll)

*Warehousing Condition

1. Shady   2. Cool   3. Dry   4. Dust-free



1. MOQ:1 Sets    2. Lead time:15-20 working days


Type:Filling Machine, Jam Filling Machine

Seisund: uus

Application:Food, Beverage, Medical, Chemical, Cosmetic, ect., Cosmetic, Medical, Food, ect.

Pakendi tüüp: ümbris

Pakkematerjal: puit

Automaatne hinne: automaatne

Ajami tüüp: Pneumaatiline


Päritolukoht: Shanghai, Hiina (mandriosa)

Kaubamärk: NPACK



Certification:CE, ISO9001

Pakutakse müügijärgset teenindust: masinate hooldamiseks välismaal asuvad insenerid

Product:Full Automatic 10 Heads Cosmetic Cream Jam Filling Machine

Market:Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, The USA, ect.

Materjal: roostevaba teras

Usage:30ml bottle filling machine

Capacity:Can be customised

Function:Automatic hot sauce filling machine

Packing:Wood case

Style:Water bottle filling machine